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Fishing Tips and Tricks
Traditional fish traps.
A fish trap is a trap used for fishing. Fish traps can have the form of a fishing weir or a lobster trap. Some fishing nets are also called fish traps, for example fyke nets.

A typical contemporary trap consists of a frame of thick steel wire in the shape of a heart, with chicken wire stretched around it. The mesh wraps around the frame and then tapers into the inside of the trap. When a fish swims inside through this opening, it cannot get out, as the chicken wire opening bends back into its original narrowness. Contemporary eel traps come in many shapes and sizes and are constructed of many materials. In earlier times, traps were constructed of wood and fibre.
As we showing in this video , this type of cast fishing trap are best and cheapest idea of fishing specially on following river . Following type of cast net have different size as condition of fish type . In the rural area of Nepal or smaller size of river we couldn`t get bigger fishes that`s why we used smaller size of cast net . This type of fishing style is well known on the rural area of Nepal .

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