Quick Jig Fishing Tips and Tricks and a Couple Bass! Day 11 of the 30 Day Fishing Challenge!

Fishing Tips and Tricks
9/10/16 I was supposed to fish Lake Braddock to give you guys something new, but the gate was locked and I couldn’t get in. Plan B was to hit the Occoquan Reservoir and fish up in Bull Run, which I did. We hardly ever go up as far as I did, and I really wanted to go explore. In this video we talk briefly about jigs and how I throw them….the I being VERY important. I may not fish a jig 100% properly, but it’s my favorite bait, and it produces. There may be better ways to fish it but this is MY way of fishing it. Hope you all enjoy, and be ready for tomorrows video! There are some pigs!

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