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This tips & tricks video is all about preparing boilie crumb.

Using boilie crumb in your angling can be a devasting tactic when prepared and applied correctly. The crumb itself is very versatile and can be used in many different ways, for example, it can be used in PVA Bags and sticks or as a loose feed that can be spombed out to create a carpet of attraction without giving the fish too much food items to get full on, keeping them grubbing around for longer.

I personally love using boilie crumb as it is a great carrier of liquid attractors and have used it to great effect in my Winter and Spring fishing.

I remember a particular time in years past when I was fishing a very busy boating lake which allowed only day session fishing. The lake was seeing a lot of a particular boilie from day to day. I felt that the fish were eating our bait days after it was getting put in the lake, when boilies had broken down and deemed ”Safe” by the fish. Prebaiting was never an option due to the lakes busy nature, so I thought long and hard about what could do to get around this and try to create a more instant feeding response on short day sessions, that’s when I first started spodding large amounts of boilie crumb to try and achieve this, it worked from the get go and completely changed my season, I remember the first time I used this method, I had 8 fish, including 4 of the lakes high 20lb plus fish, this is going back 15 years now that was a right result! – Billy

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