11-3-13 Trout Beginner Knot Tying

Fishing Hook Knots
Hey Anglers! We have been receiving emails a questions from brand new anglers just getting into fishing. So, we decided before we cover different leader sizes, colors for jigs, rod variations, different types of hooks for what bait etc., we will cover the first fundamental of fishing… TYING A KNOT! Some people use different knots but the knot we use is the Palomar Knot. This video shows exactly how to tie it. This knot is one of the strongest knots out there. If tied correctly, this knot will virtually not come “out” or “undo”. This knot can be used with jigs, single hooks, treble hooks, worms, crank and floating baits, pretty much anything that can fit through the loop of your line (mentioned in video). If you are noticing the end of your line is curly Q’d after loosing a fish, THEN YOUR KNOT WAS NOT TIGHT! Do not loose fish due to the poor integrity of your knot. So we hope this is helpful. Stay Tuned for more Videos covering all experience levels, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. This video contains both video of actually tying the knot with also picture demos at the end.

Stay Bent My Friends – Team LGE

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