80 Hunting & Fishing tips with How I made $60k in RDO – Red Dead Redemption 2(RDR2) Online (RDO)

Fishing Tips and Tricks
In this video I will give you Legends 80 hunting and fishing tips to help you earn some cash in free roam in efficient way, after playing the game for 700 hours I think I know most of the stuff. And later in the video I will quickly discussed how I made 60000($60k) dollars in-game money and how to get money best way.
I will try to add as many informative tips as I can. I know maybe most of you guys already know about most of these tips. But I am trying to help all the guys are new or never really fished or did any hunting.
Fishing Tips – 1.24 minutes
Hunting Tips – 5.09 minutes
How I made $60000 In-Game money – 14.45 minutes
55 Gold bar GiveAway – 15.20 minutes

***How I made $50000 with 23 Hunting tips – https://youtu.be/qIUeGM3dXYo

***GiveAway(55 Gold Bars)***
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3. Put any number from 1-100 in Giveaway channel
4. Do not put anything else than a number
5. Do not delete or edit the comment

Thank you Legends for being here, I really welcome you from the bottom of my heart.
Red Dead Redemption 2(RDR2) was my most anticipated game of this generation. I love every bit of Red Dead Redemption 2 Gameplay(Online or Offline).
I love playing Red Dead Online(Hunting, Stranger Missions, Showdown series large, Gun Rush)
I mostly hunt for animals and birds for money with Stranger Missions in between.
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