No more Snags with this Float Fishing Rig!

Fishing Techniques
Whether you are pier fishing, inlet/jetty fishing, bridge fishing or river fishing, the float fishing rig works its magic by keeping your bait above snags, while staying in the strike zone of fish. This fishing rig is used by anglers all over the world, it works for many kinds of fishing. You need to be able to set this up correctly if you want to really start catching fish. We find the key element to focus on is the depth you are fishing it. You need to make sure it is set your bobber stopper correctly. Too much line and your sinker will be on the bottom, too little line and your hooks are not in the strike zone of the fish. We teach exactly how to set this rig up in our brand new ADVENTURE GUIDE! Check it out if you are up for an adventure with Senkoskipper and want to learn the fine details on how to use a float rig!

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