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Best fishing loop knot. How to tie loop knots for fishing. Learn how to tie fishing loop knots. How to tie the easiest fishing loop knot for fishing lures, hooks, and flies.

Capt Chris Myers demonstrates his technique for tying the Canoeman loop knot.This is the best loop knot for all kinds of fishing. The best fishing knot for almost any lure. This knot is simple to tie, has a small profile, yet is extremely strong. I use this knot for fish over 100 pounds. – Saltwater inshore fishing charters near Cocoa Beach and Orlando

Today, we’re gonna type the loop knot that
I use for all my fishing, it’s the Canoeman loop knot. And I like to start this knot before I put the lure on and you can put the lure on first, I’ll show you that in a minute.It’s really one of the easiest loop knots there is. I’ve never had it come apart on me. I start with the line in my right hand the tag end would go in my left hand ‘casue I’m right handed and what I’m gonna do is make a loop by putting my right hand behind my left hand, right behind the left gonna make a loop pinch that one off in my left hand. Next step is I’m gonna make an identical loop by putting the right behind the left again gonna pinch that one off with my right hand. It does not matter what size these loops are. The third step is to put the right loop through the left loop. Just gonna put it through from
front to back. Now lift up my right index finger just pinch this off it will all stay
together. Now is when I get my lure which I’ve usually been holding in that hand, put it on, I’m gonna take this tag end and put it from the bottom up through what originally was that right hand loop. Point it back down towards the lure, it’s very important. Then I can let all this go, pull up, and it instantly forms that loop. It’s a quick and easy knot. I’ll tie it once now with the lure already on. If that’s the way you’d rather start. And I’ll show you how fast it is, I’ll do it a little quicker this time. So if you wanna start with the lure on you start with it threaded on there and I still hold the lure in my left hand. I make a right behind the left, right behind the left, the right through the left, pinch it off, put it from bottom to the top, point it back down towards the lure let everything go and pull on it and there’s your loop. It’s a nice fast loop. And because the tag end points backwards it won’t catch grass or weeds and I highly recommend you give that knot a try.

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